Redemption Road

Released May 3rd, 2016

"People in publishing have always known that John Hart can flat-out write. His prose conjures comparisons with James Lee Burke in its sultry, melodious alchemy. With Redemption Road Hart has taken it to another level. THE PROLOGUE IS HEART-WRENCHING and the chapters thereafter pull you in like matter to a black hole. Read this novel. And then go back and read all of his others. He’s that good."

- David Baldacci


"Big, bold, and impossible to put down, Redemption Road had me from page one. JOHN HART IS A MASTER STORYTELLER."

- Harlan Coben


"Every new John Hart novel is a credit to the written word. Over five books, he has raised the bar for commercial fiction, deftly blending the tension, pacing and suspense of the classic thriller with CHARACTERS SO RICHLY DRAWN AND PROSE SO ELEGANT that is stories are worthy of being called literature. After The Last Child and Iron House, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Hart's next offering. I was not disappointed. REDEMPTION ROAD IS A TRIUMPH."

–  Corban Addison

Internationally bestselling author of A Walk Across the Sun

"There’s no easier way to say it: Redemption Road is SIMPLY GREAT WRITING."

- Brad Meltzer

"John Hart writes like a poet, and I couldn’t put down this novel, an utterly riveting story of crime and its profound ripple effects on the human psyche. I have long been a fan of John Hart, but in Redemption Road, he has topped himself."

- Lisa Scottoline

New York Times Bestselling Author of Corrupted

"John Hart's novels are beautiful, which might seem a strange adjective because of their subject matter. He writes about prison, murder, child abuse, and other ugly topics. Yet as he does so brilliantly in "Redemption Road, Hart's novels are filled with the ultimate beauty of the human spirit. When all around is filled with hate and poison, there are those who can rise above the morass, and show forgiveness, love and understanding...


The pages keep turning -- almost involuntarily -- until the end. Hart's writing is, at times, pure poetry. Yet at other times, the violence and cruelty he describes are almost too horrible to read. And that's probably the best way to describe this book -- a novel that has everything from torture and tortured people to beauty and what is the best in human nature. Hart manages to encompass it all. Beautifully."



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